Walker Pit Upgraded Defense and Huge Unfairness

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I have a suggestion about something that's frustrating me a lot since I played this game.

When I started the game, I didn't know a lot about it but, logically, I tried to upgrade lots of stuff thinking it could only be better in the long term, but one thing that is not is the WalkerPit !
As a friend did, I shouldn't have captured and upgraded my walkers as It's only hurting my defense now and cost me a lot of resources for nothing, why is that ?

- When I attack, I see half the time people with only 4 walkers, so I can only charge my pistol, while people coming at my gates full charged all the time.
- I tried to max out my walkers but it costs too much TG and now I know the maximum is lvl 19, It's so useless you can't imagine when you are at lvl 20, even more when you have +2 or 3 pink stars lol. My normal walkers should be at least at lvl 24 or 25 if you want them being useful but it's not worth the TG spent...
- I can't remove normal walkers or reset my walker pit as I want to have the same advantages as others because of a little youthful mistake that should be an advantage on my side !
- Because of people not upgrading their walker defense, I used lot less TG for things useful later in the game than my attackers because I developed my defense for nothing.
- Huge loss of XP for attackers when you kill only 4 walkers lvl 1 before a draw because not charged :/

Is it possible to make WalkerPit really advantageous for people who spent resources on it once and for all ?

Here is my suggestions:

- Put at least 9 normal walkers so we could charge 3 players with 3 points easily, it will then be a disadvantage for defender if he hasn't upgraded its walkers yet because he doesn't care, want to abuse of it of just doesn't want to spend any TG in that. It should be a real problem for maxed out player to not have upgraded their walker pit.
- Base the walker level on the match player level and the defense level. You could easily put walker default level the same as players without any defense upgrade, it shouldn't change anything as you one shot them, don't care their level until RSL+3. Then, increase walker level until RSL+X depending on the defense level.
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  • afroponixafroponix Member Posts: 503
    This more your problem than the developers...u need to strategize more with maybe survivors that don't need as much charge points? I know I do just as well against low walker defenses than I do with high walker defenses. In fact a high walker defense is tougher because your trading charging for health loss
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  • afroponixafroponix Member Posts: 503
    I honestly can't believe u call that an advantage
    Guts & Glory, not always in that order.
  • yoyosyoyos Member Posts: 73
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    If you dont think it is a disadvantage Not being Fully charged up in outpost missions i dont really think You ever be in high tier...

    And Fully maxed out defenses are really not a problem. Unless they would be above lvl 19 its just charging meat against my full equipped 5stars. So think about ppl with pink stars ... they just laugh and charge up when they Know ppl in the same tier attacking them can't do the same because they have 4 walkers lol (or 6 its the same)

    I never use my special attacks against Walker defenses and if i do its because i see a lots of them still Alive to charge up back.

    If you're in high tier, i presume you just want to keep things like they are because you didnt capture any walker and it satisfies you :)
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  • yoyosyoyos Member Posts: 73
    Actually it's not about being easy or not, it's about being fair
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  • yoyosyoyos Member Posts: 73
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    I totally agree with you, I'm already adapting or I wouldn't be 5k+
    The problem is it isn't normal some have to adapt and only charge 1 or 2 players and other can charge all up before opening the gate
    That was my message :)
    PS: I don't personally filter regarding the TG amount, I play every single game that comes to me.
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  • AMwoodAMwood Member Posts: 9
    I think that you should have the option to remove walkers if you like to, i have 6 but wish i never upgraded my pit at all, as whoever said, u start a game upgrading everything thinking itll help when i wish i would never have done a thing to it so attackers cant come all having their specials.
  • meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
    I strongly agree. Having it be an advantage to not having upgraded your Walker pit is so massively counterintuitive that it should just not be. You should get some automatic handicap for not having upgraded your Walker pit to something near your level, perhaps a debuff to defense or something I don't know
  • Jade765Jade765 Member Posts: 3
    ok is there a post that tells about upgrading walkers and getting better ones? I have 6 basic level 1 walkers and my pit is upgraded to LV 7? Hunh?
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,430
    @Jade765 click into the walkerpit and you should see signs buttons that day upgrade walkers or capture more walkers
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  • sonevilsonevil Member Posts: 3
    AFAIK, the game balanced all the difficulties. Upgrading walker and pit will also affected to the crates point. More higher walker and pit level, more crates point the attacker will see. Lower crates maybe no one interested to attack, lower walker defend the outpost, less walker will rush in after alarm got triggered. Melee defender will be useless, ranged attack will sniped them out or trapping with over-watch. Maze style outpost will be use then. Yes its all about strategies, and adding an option for remove walker would be nice, more role to playing for.
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