latest update

Not very impressed with this latest update. Game is constantly crashing. missions take forever to load, and sometimes refuse to load at all. It took nearly a day to do update, with us all barred from the game for all that time. Outpost missions wont load at all for me.

The difficulty for all missions is now insane. I used an all hunter, all 5 stars all lv15, on a mission a minute ago. It took me 6 hits to kill just a normal walker, also lv15. Then an armoured walker, also lv15 killed one of my men in one hit.

Doesn't matter if we get some crappy pretty much worthless free gift, and a load of new stuff, if none of that new stuff actually works, and it also screws up a lot of the things that were already there. About the only good change I've noticed, is that the adverts now actually seem to work.

If this is not fixed, very quickly, I'm definitely not continuing to play this game.

Thouhgts anyone?


  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    I'll let you know....If i ever get the game to open!
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  • TombworldTombworld Member Posts: 100
    Outpost cycle end date was probably not the optimal day to push an update that won't allow outpost missions to run.

    Just sayin'.
  • timmyaaeh1timmyaaeh1 Member Posts: 51
    Plus the wwwekl challenge starts tomorrow, but with this update, the game will be impossible to play. Also that hunter team that I used. used them before the update, against exactly the same lv and types of walkers I mentioned, and it was nowher near as hard.
  • timmyaaeh1timmyaaeh1 Member Posts: 51
    Outpost does work though. Just have to sit their for like 10 minutes before it loads though instead of seconds. I discovered that by accident, when i popped of to make a quick coffe, leaving the game on the outpost loading screen. tried since, and it does still load, just takes ages, like i said
  • timmyaaeh1timmyaaeh1 Member Posts: 51
    Ok. Correction. Adverts were working, but not now. Earlier I had to watch the same adver 4 times in a row, and now they've stopped working completely, again.
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