Thanks for breaking raids - again

I have incredibly high speed internet (fiber optic cables), and an ipad pro - and cannot raid at this time because whne it is searching for a match it takes about 5 minutes. Once i click to start the raid, it nsows my 3 opponents and instead of adcancing to the actualr aid from there, it pops me back to my base. Why do you NEVER actually TEST these things before release? The measly 2000 crates and 10 phones are not worth the frustration of playing this while you spend the next month fiixng what you didnt consider. Have you ever considered beta testing? Actual long-time player feedback is incredibly valuale to development teams and produces a quality, likable, enjoyable WORKING game!!! Thanks for shoving a broken game down our throats again and expecting US to be your QA team. I do that for work-dont need to do it on a volunteer basis for a money geubbing game developer wo wont in est in a real team.


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