Hero Unlock Level Reminder?

Sorry, I'm exhausted and can't search the forums...what determines what level heroes unlock at? On the verge of a few, plus Ezekiel in a couple weeks, am going to wait so they unlock at level 21. What exactly do I have to wait for..?


  • DLHDLH Member Posts: 401
    They unlock at the level of your highest survivor in that class
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  • bsgper4bsgper4 Member Posts: 309
    I asked the same question abt a week ago.
    You just need one other survivor upgraded to 21 and the hero will unlock at that level. They unlock at your highest level survivor.
  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
    Thanks all!!
  • RozRoz Member Posts: 3
    On my second account I had all my survivors at level 8, then I upgraded council (but not training grounds) and Glenn unlocked at level 9. Which leads me to believe that hero level is determined by the council
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