Update 2.5 - Known Issues

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Update 2.5 - Known Issues

These issues are currently under our investigation and that we hope to have resolved soon.

  • Account linking: Fixed. Please contact support if after this point (14:30 UTC on Thursday) you still are unable to access your account.
  • Various connection issues: Fixed. Please contact support if you continue to be unable to access the game.
  • Problems with matchmaking for some players.
  • Some instances of missions not loading. Fixed.
  • Some unintended balance changes
  • Human enemies having 150 health regardless of level in certain missions. Fixed.
  • Ability to stun fat walkers. Fixed.
  • Scavenge rewards dropping from 2.4 levels. Fixed.
  • Varying unintended increases in some survivors' upgrade costs. Confirmed as intended.
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