After completing a mission & getting the crates, I can only choose 3 crates or use gold?

I'm not getting the watch video free for 3 more crates (6 crates total), I can only use my gold to open3 more crates for 6 crates total. Is anyone else having this issue? Or is this a permanent change in the game that I wasn't aware of?

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  • MabikiMabiki Member
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    Not a permanent intended change, I'm sure. Videos are working for me. Normal advice is to clear your cache and if that doesn't work there are other threads with advice that seems to work for many depending on situation.

    If you're still having issues try searching "videos" in the forum; might have to slog thru some unrelated threads but I'm pretty sure I've seen something about specific settings within Google Play or iOS equivalent that can affect this.

    Some details about the device you play on might help you get some more specific advice from other posters, or tag a moderater like @Teeceezy . I did a quick search but couldn't find what I was looking for.
  • afroponixafroponix Member
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    It's just that you don't ALWAYS get a video, sometimes you don't get any after winning and have to pay gold and sometimes they're buggy, u go to watch, get booted out game and are given the keys for free for being booted
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  • Getting a video has never been always there
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  • I love playing this game but it's so difficult to even get tokens after making calls. I always get useless characters I don't want & have to accept them just to go right into my survivors and trash them. I also can't complete missions because I'll get to 3 of 5 and I can't win because the level of player is higher than any player I have. I'd love to finish all of my missions, but I've given up on them specially due to the new game changes.
  • I am having the same problem as the OP. I play on the ipad. I cleared the cache and still have the problem. I recently updated to ios 10.3.1. Could this have been part of the problem?
  • @redsoxgirl just keep at it. I get stuck on certain missions like the situation you describe. I just go on playing, maybe start another mission if it allows me. That way I get to level up my heroes and to level up my weapons. I can come back later to the earlier missions and finish up. Right now I completed missions 1 through 14. I am working on mission 15. I just finished mission 9 again since they restarted that one. Working on the restarted mission 10 now as well.
  • oh I forgot to mention, sometime I would try ranged heroes/survivors many times and fail. Then I try a different combo like a bruiser and a warrior all the same level as the ranged ones and maybe 2 levels below the players in the mission and win.
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