I couldn't hate Morgan more! Everyone has lost people and yet he goes nuts killing everyone he comes across! Then he spends 5 minutes with Eastman, (who by the way stopped killing after he starved his nemesis to death), and turns into a nut bag, a judgemental, hypocritical, dangerous nut bag! He nearly got Rick killed by letting the people go, he nearly got the fat doctor girl killed by not killing the dude and he screwed Carol up with his idiotic 'all life matters' crap! He's such a hypocrite and annoying and I hope he DIES SOON!

ROSITA is a selfish, emotional idiot! I wish someone had pointed out to her that attacking Negan might screw up Ricks plans! Their most valuable strategy is a surprise attack and everyone knows if someone does something wrong, everyone else is at risk! But ROSITA thinks she is above all that and can do what she wants because SHES UPSET!

Honestly, the show has become boring. I don't need killing or action, just story progression and updates on the OTHER GROUP MEMEBERS! The season is short enough as it is without WEEKS OF NOTHING! The producers think we are idiots because they give us one or 2 good episodes AT THE END OF THE SEASON hoping we will forget the other boring episodes!

I miss and need MORE OF Carol and Daryl and by the time they get around to showing us the other group members, JUDITH WILL BE MARRIED!
It's so frustrating!

Oh, and after watching Talking dead and finding out even the producers haven't got a clue about the motives and agenda of the characters, no wonder the show has gone downhill!


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  • It would be a pretty boring show if all the people were perfect.
    That's not what you are meant to have in shows.

    Characters have flaws, usually these flaws a fixed before they leave the show.
    Shows have hated characters. Some of these characters will change and may become liked characters, some may stay hated for ever.

    etc etc
  • @Jaden Sorry jaden, I'm an oldie and don't know the etiquette of how to comment. I'm lucky to have worked out how to comment in capitals!
  • @blynknz There are plenty of characters with flaws but I suppose I hate Morgan the most because he screwed up Carol!
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    I was mostly joking, of course @enigma12

    It's actually fairly simple, though - highlight the part you want to emphasize and then hit the big B or I or S.

    Pretty sure that if you can play NML you can make that work for you without a problem now that you know how it works. ;)
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