Legendary weapon level extension

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@Teeceezy and the NG team,

I am aware that there are a lot of topics on this issue, but also that most of them are more of a "demanding" tone. I also know that although you have the best intentions toward player satisfaction, you have to balance it with a financial counterpart as well.
So, I'd like to propose a trade-off solution, that might benefit the player community as well as the NG financial interests:

Please consider the option of extending the level of legendary weapons (both purchased for cash and obtained from drops) against a sum of gold. To better explain my proposal please consider the following example:

If we have a base lvl 20 legendary weapon, upgradable to lvl 23, we could have the option to raise the base level by one level against a sum of 1000 gold (just example, it can depend on actual levels to increase). Traits would remain the same, and same amount of XP would be needed to upgrade from lvl 23 to lvl 24 (and so on). Of course, this option should be valid for future updates as well, when we will eventually reach higher levels of upgrades.

I believe this option to be a good one for both players and NG, as players would have the option to keep using the hard earned or purchased legendary weapons, and NG will of course benefit from the purchases of tons of gold needed to upgrade the respective weapons.

I hope my proposal is to the liking of players and NG as well, so I'll be looking forward to your comments!


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    1000 gold is $10.00

    Better would be something that scales the gold cost to buy level increases (groups of three) based on the original cost of the weapon in gold or $

    The actual upgrade would then be purchased with XP as normal
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