Ng we need new content

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Jumping on the forum this morning I'm seeing alot of ppl barely holding to the enjoyment of the game and most are only holding on because of the challenge and their guild. Myself and alot of my guild are in the same boat almost breaking point for us.
So I'm asking you to add more content to keep us interested give us a real player based update you know the kinds of things we want more content, new missions, reopen missions, a fairer/better way to get show character tokens then the 'increased' 10 radio character call, maybe don't add new characters for 6 months (except a hunter/shooter that has the leadertrait increased chance at head shot) and fit the love of god give us the chance to toggle auto cover on/off. I'm sure there are other things that i can't think of since my mundane is still asleep.
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    I agree. Been spinning wheels for months waiting for new content.
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    That auto cover crap is the most frustrating thing on the planet. I hate quickly shooting a walker, not realizing the game is running my survivor halfway across the map, only to go to cover and become exposed or to have an entire group of walkers appear right when I get there. It's terrible and needs to be removed asap. If I want to send my survivor into cover, I can do it myself.
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