Hello, I'm new here and I'm Spanish, I take my text to the translator because my English is not very good and sorry if you do not understand much,
My question is, if I have to level up to training camp and ask for a level 12 advice, but the advice tells me that I have
Than having a level 29 player, how do I do that?


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    You need to be at player level 29 you not your survivors....
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    There is survivor level and player level. Player level is in the top left corner and is based on how many buildings you have built. Survivor level is based on training ground level. If you are getting a message about "player level 29 needed" it probably means you can't build something because you must build other smaller buildings first to increase your player level.
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    Ahh that's good
    It's true, I did not realize ... thank you very much
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