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A question to the developers of the game : is it possible to adapt the game to devices with cursor steering? I have an Android TV box and it would be nice to play the game on a bigger screen.
In my opinion multitouch for zooming on the TV is not really needed, so I think it could be possible.
A few months ago I moved the saved apk via Bluetooth to the Box. Installation worked, only the game is not reacting on the cursor.
A few days ago I tried again, but it only reboots again and again. I had got the idea, maybe it works with an remote control app. But it doesn't. So no way in the moment.
My box is an Minix Neo x8-h plus with Android 4.4.2
Thanks in advance! ;)


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    That's nothing to do with the game devs. Install Bluestacks on your pc and away you go
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    The problem is, I have no PC because I don't need one :D I'm working only with android devices. That's why I have the TV box, it's my PC. ;)
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    Following the rules i think bluestacks or any emulator is not allowed.

    maybe @Teeceezy , @zbot can confirm this?
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    The following topics are strictly off limits, including in external links:
    Cheating, hacking, game exploits. Talking or discussing cheating, hacking or game exploits. This also includes discussion on how to play NML on unsupported services or devices. (e.g. BlueStacks).

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