Trait: Wrestler - Should it be replaced?

The Wrestler trait is not a topic I've seen discussed in detail on this forum, but, personally, I find the trait is useless and am curious to know what others think.

The reason I find the Wrestler trait useless is, by the time I am at a difficulty where I would find my survivors Leone to a struggle, the zombies kill the struggling survivor even before the allotted three turns expire. In any other situation, I would be able to kill off the zombies easily within three turns. So, having four, or five, or six turns to struggle is useless under the current in-game circumstances. If I could have a level 15 survivor with 3000+ HP, I would probably have a different opinion. I reiterate, though, that once my survivors are in a struggle, it doesn't take more than three turns for level 19-20 zombies to kill them. The same applied when I had level 13 survivors fighting level 16-17 zombies, so I imagine the situation is relatable across all levels of progress.


  • AaronDAaronD Member Posts: 13
    I think Wrestling can stay, but the mechanic must change. Some examples:

    1. When an attack would bring you in the "struggle"-state, that attack misses you. Can only work one time (bronze)/two times (silver)/three times (gold) in a battle.
    2. When an attack brings you in "struggle"-state, you can struggle 1 (bronze)/2 (silver)/3 (gold) turns longer. During this time, you deal 30% of your base damage each turn you struggle. If this kills the zombie, your survivor is freed from "struggle"
    3. When an attack brings you in "struggle"-state, you can struggle 1 (bronze)/2 (silver)/3 (gold) turns longer. Each turn, you have a 10% (bronze)/ 20% (silver)/ 30% (gold) chance to free yourself from "struggle".
  • thecoltythecolty Member Posts: 152
    I like it. I use it sometimes to "occupy" I big walker
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  • LanceLance Member Posts: 568
    I like Aaron ideas. Currently a bad trait.
  • JennyJenny Member Posts: 346
    I second the motion from @thecolty. I don't use it in challenge missions but it's useful for story missions at higher levels.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,917
    thecolty said:

    I like it. I use it sometimes to "occupy" I big walker

    I use this as a sound strategy on missions.
  • JennyJenny Member Posts: 346
    @WastelandDan sure any trait could be enhanced. maybe guaranteed survival or something.
  • JennyJenny Member Posts: 346
    Agreed @WastelandDan that I rarely use it. Only effective with walkers about 2 levels higher. Too high and you die. It could be neat if the best level gauranteed survival, like 100% interrupt.
  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    rather than lengthen the number of turns in struggle before dying, why not avoid struggle for a certain number of attacks but HP will be at a minimum (1HP). for example, a gold wrestler trait, instead of "struggles last 3 turns longer", why not make it "avoid struggle up to 3 attacks". it will only activate if your survivor will be in a struggle state, and instead of being in a struggle, it will only receive the damage but leave a minimum of 1 hp. This will be useful in guild challenge since you can still get 2 stars if no survivors are in a struggle state. This is also not that OP since it is limited to number of attacks and not number of turns.. if more zombies attacking, this trait is less useful, which i think should be the case.
  • AstraeaAstraea Member Posts: 41
    I pretty much agree with the uselessness of the struggle wrestler trait, what makes most sense for me out of these ideas is the one aysatyo proposed.
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