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    DLich said:

    @TheLostOnes raided me on 3/29 and got 534. Post is in this thread.

    Why did they get different amounts when my stuff has been the same only difference is I'm now Lvl 59. I went up a player level and gave less TG's.

    @DLich Excellent observation. Is it possible that you've changed defenders in your Outpost? If not, then the formula must be dependent on attacker's stats as well.

    I've continued to collect data this weekend, but haven't had a chance to start examining it yet. I will have to look at it differently now since it seems like you've pretty much confirmed that payout is not solely based on the defender's variables. Let the research continue!
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    @TJCart I have changed them as in moving them in and out for a quest. Meaning I had a use 3 bruiser quest and have a total of 3 (Negan, 1 spare and 1 in outpost). But at the time of both of those attacks the defenders in both of them were the same, in the same spot.

    So all things being equal, when both of them attacked me they had the exact same set up and survivors to face. Only difference was my camp level between the two of them. Everything else the same except maybe a few influence points.

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    @DLich Man, I hope that IP aren't taken into account with TG calculations. I figured it would just be for match up considerations. Either way, for my data, I've started compiling every piece of information that I can for every attack including defender levels/rarity, OP location, and my IP at the time of attack.

    Hopefully, and mostly likely, not all these variables are taken into consideration, but at this point, I've already lost hope for the simplest solutions. Mostly what I'm trying to do now is find results with many of the same variables (i.e. walker lvls and numbers) to try to isolate the other influential variables. However, this will only really work if I can compare OPs with maxed out walker pits as confirmed by having all walkers placed (since I can't really assume that people are placing all of their available walkers out otherwise). Ultimately, I hope that with enough data collected, that I'll be able to find some trends as I've kind of given up on trying to apply "simple solutions" to my data sets in hopes that they'll work out.
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