Beware: I can't buy from the game shop, is not working but it bills (SOLVED)

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this is a kind of work that NG and Mods should do quickly, not me =) But since the game shop issue has been online now almost 24h, I thought to put it here from Bugs section.

Numerous paying players encountered yesterday that when buying something from the shop (24h gas, gold etc) it says that payment is ok but u get nothing from the shop. Instead the shop encounters error. This error is *after* byuing process so somehow the game can handle your billing to Apple Store but not with actual game LOL.

More in this thread and hints how to cancel ur unfortunate shoppings:

ATM the shop is working, a sort of: I have got 21 times 24h Double XP. No, I don't suppose that 24h Double XP.could be used cumulatively :grimace:

EDIT: I have got 25 times 24h Double XP
EDIT: I have got 47 times 24h Double XP (independent whether trying to play from iPhone of iPad)

EDIT: Problem Solved.
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