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Could use some assistance obtaining no injury star for this challenge. I'm currently lvl 17 & just started round 19. I'm using assault, hunter, & shooter. At this lvl I can't get my assault charged up, maybe lucky to take 1 out of 5, lvl 18 walkers down. I'm having no trouble in the other rounds w/ this lvl walker? I next tried 2 hunters & shooter, but can't get out fast enough without the huge spawn. I have no good weapons with interrupt. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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  • TWDSkutterTWDSkutter Member Posts: 160
    I use assault and couple shooters - should be able to move to bridge away from left spawn, maybe charge assaulter. After first pop, use one round to clear what u can right and any that get close left (and use grenader left to clear a pile). Assaulter will prob be needed to stun the armoured that pops to right.

    Keep moving away from left group and concentrate on clearing way to line on right - u don't have to kill all so maybe follow top right of screen to keep a little difference. The charged shooter shots give u extra shots and critical on armoured so use wisely).
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  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,258
    I used 2 Assaults and a Hunter. I use the Assaults to mow down the clumps of walkers on both ends of the bridge and set of the Boomers. I just keep firing away with the Assaults because the Boomers attract the max, so keeping up the firing doesn't hurt any more to the spawn number. When the first big spawn comes out, my Assaults are charged up and I mow them all down while making my way to the exit. Up to Level 23 using Level 20 Survivors and not one bruise yet -- but getting close.
  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
    Still 3 hunters for me, I've 3 started that to 20 round 1 so far. Lvl17 survivors.

    But i do have piercing trait on 2, large cal on all 3, and gold lethal on the rifle without piercing. Traits/weapon upgrades really do help, even more since challenge 2.0

    In your case, I'd put Abe in leader slot to boost the ranged? I'll probably do that as i get to RSL 21. If you can stay up top and clear a path to run, that could help - i always forget you don't have to kill all walkers...

    A lot depends on who you have as well, and what level you have for the Heroes
  • anniesprinklesanniesprinkles Member Posts: 268
    Thanks a lot guys!! I use to be chicken to ask for help & I don't know why. Everyone is always generous sharing information on working out better strategies. I never thought much about the game until I got to lvl 15 & joined a guild. Sometimes when you think you thought of everything, you can find a hundred more possibilities. Thanks again, see u soon.
    "A Rott's tough exterior is merely a protective shell that hides a wealth of sensitivity they have within"
    Johnny "Drama" Chase

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