Challenge Starting Level Changes

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Hey all,

The following post is mainly for players towards the end-game of No Man's Land.

The release of update 2.5 included a large number of balance changes that made it possible for us to bring higher-level and more challenging content to the game. One of these changes was to the starting level of Challenges. This change was requested by players who play the Challenges more than any others, and was based on the idea that reaching the highest possible difficulty took a great deal of time. Starting at higher difficulty levels made the gameplay fun and engaging, but also made it take longer to complete the missions.

We encountered a snag where the players who felt the impact of the starting level change were not only those that had requested it, but everyone with top-level survivors. Furthermore, those that quickly trained their team up to the new maximum level saw the starting difficulty jump another level, which was not desired. It was assumed that this change would result in a large reduction in the number of stars [and therefore the amount of rewards] that could be earned. While those fears were not fully realized, the negative mood and overall confusion about the system was not positive for the community.

Therefore, we are changing the starting level calculations back to where they were before 2.5, and further details about what to expect will be detailed below. Since many players came into the new Challenge system at the top level, they have not before seen any changes to the starting difficulty level as they train their teams. We want to give you all the info we can so that you are not surprised along the way.

Starting Difficulty:
This is based on the levels of your top three survivors. The number of stars they have is not considered. Based on the levels of your team, you should see the following starting difficulties:

2 or more level 18 Survivors: Starting Difficulty 13
2 or more level 19 Survivors: Starting Difficulty 14
2 or more level 20 Survivors: Starting Difficulty 14
2 or more level 21 Survivors: Starting Difficulty 15

Repeating Difficulty Rounds:
This is also based on the levels of your top three survivors. It is not based on the number of rounds or the number of difficulty levels you have competed! When a new difficulty is started, your team’s survivor's levels can be checked again to see how many rounds there will be for that difficulty. In general, the difficulties start requiring multiple rounds when the difficulty is one less than the average level of your top three survivors.

How to Optimize:
If you are concerned with increasing the difficulty of the Challenges as slowly as possible, try starting your training after you go to the Challenge for the first time that week. Start a second survivor training when you have already reached the point of repeating difficulties.

If you want to get the largest possible number of stars or face the highest difficulties, remember that increasing a level or adding a star to your survivors affects the frequency of Body Shots when the enemies are a higher level than your team. This means that even with level 23 gear, your level 21 survivors should be much more effective against enemies of levels 23 and above.

We here on the No Man’s Land development team are very concerned with making sure that the game stays as challenging, engaging, and exciting for our players for as long as possible. As such, we take the feedback from the fans and players very seriously. We hope that the info presented here helps players make the most out of the new maximum survivor level and the Challenges in weeks to come and we pledge to continue to improve our communications with the players about future balance changes and game additions.

This will take effect starting tomorrow (5/4, at 2 PM UTC), before the challenge begins.

TCZ, Shteevie & the No Man's Land team
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