Maggie leader trait not working

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I noticed this last week and asked players from all our guilds and concensus was that because of double xp on in-game kills the Maggie leader trait probably wouldn't also add extra xp for her use. Had a player ask a while ago and said was not activating do I did 2 run thru's and verified it isn't working? I took a screen shot


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    @smann what RSL? Without knowing that it's hard to tell whether it's working or not. But at 631.7143 xp per kill, unless your RSL is really high, to me it seems to work. Also the double xp for kills doesn't show double xp like the booster, it just increases the xp earned, and it's calculated per kill.
  • smannsmann Member Posts: 657
    @zbot you can close this ticket and sorry. @1Ris did a few experimental run thru's and it is good...BTW just a leader trait section in the end result window showing bonus like Glenn's would be helpful to dumb asses like myself lol ;)
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