Weapon desgins and scrap packs

It really is a pain when you finally get a legendary weapon only to find out it misses the one desired trait. So I was thinking and came up with a mechanic that might not only let us design our own weapons, but also have some modicum of control over it as wel as if done right could turn out very lucrative. I remember vaguely seeing some topics about this before, some threats I found like the 'changing traits' threat. I picked some things here and there and tried to combine it.

It would require an addition to workshop or an entirely new window, anyway it works as follows:
1st component is weapon/armor designs, labeled from 1 star to 5.
2nd component is traits, labeled bronze to gold.
3rd component will mark a level.

Anyway in the shop you'd be able to buy 'scrap packs' that give you the bronze through gold traits or perhaps these scrap packs could be integrated as rewards in gameplay too. The third component depends on the level of workshop/blacksmith thing. As for the designs, it would be great if they were to be obtained through a unique feature. Trade goods perhaps, although I'm not sure what you can get with those.

Alternative or added ways components could be obtained:
Recycling those unused weapons might also become useful here, you'd obtain a design according to the rarity of the weapon you had and perhaps one of the traits present on the weapon. Also something like turning in 5 or 10 of the same low grade traits/designs could give you an upgraded version.
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    Just let us buy 1 trait per weapon, using gold bars or XP. That way we wouldn't have to scrap a decent weapon that didn't have at least 1 trait we love.

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    @bgbelden fortunate thing is that you can get quite an amount of desired traits through scrapping the low level equipment received at the beginning stages of challenges.. So there is actually a decent chance of gaining the traits without scrapping desired high level weapons. However, I personally wouldn't mind buying 1 of 3 traits on equipment.
    The dead are hungry too!
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