April 2017 Balance Changes

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April 2017 Balance Changes

We’re excited to make the announcement that the following balance changes are being introduced to The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land on April 12th, 2017 before the next challenge begins. We’d like to thank our players who engaged with the community and provided feedback in the last few weeks, and we hope that these adjustments make the game even more fun and compelling.

Survivor Balance:
  • Warriors, Bruisers, and Scouts will have more Health. Survivors of levels 10 and up will see an immediate increase of between 5 and 10 percent.
  • Warrior Damage is similarly increased by between 5 and 10 percent starting from level 10.
  • Warrior Weapons of all levels have had their damage increased by up to 10 percent depending on level and rarity.
  • Please note that the stats of equipment for other classes is unchanged.
Scavenge Gas Costs:
  • The balancing of Scavenge gas costs has been adjusted to bring them more in line with Challenge missions of similar difficulties. Many players will see Scavenge mission gas costs reduced by 1 each, and the costs will increase more slowly as players raise their survivors’ levels.
  • The maximum amount of Supplies found in post-mission crates at difficulty 19 and above has been increased. The average quantity of Supplies in these crates is approximately the same as it had been before the 2.5 update release.

As always, we are seeking out the best ways to improve and expand upon the No Man’s Land game experience, and we owe it all to our players. We look forward to some exciting new developments over the summer, and we greatly value the feedback and dedication that our players have shown in surviving the walker apocalypse. Thanks for playing!
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