Outpost Bruisers and Defenders...

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Just started playing Outpposts again and every few raids, on the first screen after I hit 'play outpost' everything is normal - I can see the icons with the survivor class of the three outpost defenders, but once I've chosen my survivors and progress to the countdown screen, one of the outpost defenders will disappear leading to me only facing two outpost defenders in a raid. The raid completes as normal as though I've killed three, but when I see the results of the raid it shows two class icons with a cross through for the defenders I killed and one not for the one that just didn't appear in the raid at all...

The other issue I've seen is with defending Bruisers (I've seen it twice with Negan and once in my last outpost raid with an original Bruiser defender). All three times it has come down to the Bruiser being the last outpost defender against my team, but when it's the defenders turn to move the Bruiser will jump places to be right beside one of my survivors and strike. It will then jump to the other side in the same turn and strike again. Please tell me this isn't normal?


  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 712
    This had happened to me before, I'll tell you why.
    In a previous update, the positioning of the defenders was alright, but in the one of the future updates, the position of one of these defenders also has a wall in that same point and the defending guy has not updated the positions of his defenders in the outpost. That is why you can't see or fight that 1 defender!

    About the bruiser problem, I really don't understand your doubt, could you explain a lil more clearly?
  • SCBMASCBMA Member Posts: 2,326
    The bruiser jumping around and appearing to strike more than one time is a visual bug. It also shows movements out of sequence. These are know issues filed in the bug reports section. He is really only getting a single turn (as he should) but it sometimes looks like he gets more turns.
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