Raid Failed, Raid Failed....

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Before the last update Outposts were sort of fixed, at least back to being playable 50-75% of the time. Now after this latest update they constantly crash, freeze-up, time-out, reconnect and are reconciled always favouring the defender.
Dear Next Games builders, please fix YOUR game's connection problem permanently or take down Outpost play altogether. I just had 6 "Raid Failed"-s in a row, wasting time, xp, etc. For long term players the Outposts were the last bastion of challenge but now they are unplayable.
It's not me, my connection, my device, the colour of my hair or whether or not i'm wearing matching socks....been there, done that, tried, tested to no avail.
The game worked before and now it doesn't. The problem does not lie with your customers, something is flawed. Please fix it or disable it. It's gone on long enough. I want to play again. Thanks.
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  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 728
    It's high time NG atleast responds to the O/P issues!
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