Global Angels family: spots in GA Elite (800* min, 3 spots), Global Angels 2 (600* min, 1 spot)

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Hello potential recruit!

Global Angels is an international guild consisting of four guilds:

GA Elite (Global Angels Elite) is our newest addition to the family. It is a hardcore guild meant for those who really like the challenge and guild rewards :) minimum star requirement is 800, preferred player level 65+.

Global Angels 2 is a competitive guild with 600 stars minimum requirement, but most of our players go well above 600.

Global Angels 3 is a low pressure guild. Minimum star requirement is 300, player level 38 (preferable, not a must). GA3 is around 13,000 stars every challenge.

As of Oct 9, 2017 we have one more guild - GANG or Global Angels New Generation :smiley:
It's aimed at new players and those with busy lives. Minimum challenge requirement is 200 stars. If you are new at this game, come play with us. We'll teach you everything there is about the game and help you grow. We get a nice amount of stars, too, 9000+ each challenge.

We use groupme chat to communicate between guilds, share videos and pictures, help each other with tips and strategies. We are all very friendly and understand that real life comes first and sometimes players cant meet the minimum star requirement. We wont kick you out because of that, unless its for long period of time.

If you are looking for a great guild family, join one of our three guilds! Send your request now!


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