Just my list of suggested changes and fixes.

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I originally posted this on April 6th in the update 2.5 thread but figured this part should be here as well. Some of these are original and some are not. Haven't spent much time in the forums so not sure what has already been posted so that is why I have already stated some are not original.

There is a ton of potential for this game and, based on these forums, a highly passionate user base. Don't abuse it and work with us.

My two cents on some changes I would like to see:
1) Fix the carryover damage with Freeman and eliminate this logic for partial green bars: Damage done = (Freeman Green Bar Remaining Health – 1). A Daryl with 2339 damage doing 483 on a crit because the Freeman Bruiser had only 484 left on the green bar!?! Same Daryl doing 79 on a body shot after doing 2174 and 2400 the first two attacks?
2) Now that you have watered down heroes by making 20 of them, make all token drops in challenge event only hero tokens.
3) Ability to level up weapons. I will NEVER buy a weapon package because of this and I am sure I am not the only one thinking this.
4) Add “IF player_level = current_max_level AND player_supplies = current_max_supplies THEN” add items for sale in trade shop for cans.
5) Add “IF player_level = current_max_level AND player_supplies = current_max_supplies THEN” convert supply crates to xp crates for end of mission/challenge rewards.
6) Get rid of the 250 TG penalty for 50 packs of tokens. It should be 3750 if 8 cost 600.
7) Each day of the week should have a different category of weapons/armor for sale for TG and cans. Mon – Assault, Tuesday – Scout, Wednesday – Warrior, etc. Sunday could be random.
8) Now with 20 heroes (and who knows if that is the end), consider changing the process from individual hero tokens to hero class tokens like we have for survivors.
9) Logic needs fixed where Freeman should always attack the closest walker/survivor. Tired of seeing Freeman in the middle of walker packs run out of them and attack a survivor. Freeman should always attack the closest enemy, period.
10) Ability to shut off “cover” logic during a move. There are times when I want to move to a location but I can’t because the cover logic takes over. This applies to ranged survivors when trying to keep enemies at a distance.
11) Fix move logic where when a survivor is moving east to west from point A to point B, the movement path immediately dips down towards walkers to the south and alongside the line of walkers until point B is reached instead of the LOGICAL path of keeping a one movement space between the survivor and the walkers until reaching point B
12) Add a new dimension to maps by being able to climb up on half height items. Would be equivalent of moving 3 spaces and walkers would be unable to damage you.
13) Walker pit max walker level = training grounds level + 3.
14) Add spike, goo, and explosive walkers to walker pit.
15) Get rid of 1 and 2 star equipment drops. Worthless and you take an XP penalty compared to XP crates.
16) Open up completed chapters
17) Now that the war has started on TWD, consider having real time fights between guilds. Due to some guilds being global, set it to 5 to 10 participants and each person would get one of their survivors. Open this up for that period in between challenges and allow guilds to have multiple fights per day.
18) Eliminate the "cutesy" graphic stuff like survivors walking through camp and animated chests opening. Just eats processing power and every time stuff like that is added, players with older devices suffer. Especially when one considers this type of "background stuff" is normally tuned out after seeing it the first couple of times.
19) Go through and revamp the code with everything you guys have learned to eliminate all of the little nagging bugs that we may have not noticed and allow you guys to enhance the game faster in the future. That is probably wishful thinking for it to happen but considering the number of updates we've had since the beginning, its probably sorely needed.
20) Damage/health indicator for survivors. "Bruised" doesn't always show up.
21) For tents, outpost, and farm plot: holds max = (production * 9). Get rid of the fixed value that you have to adjust manually and let it progress automatically as production increases.
22) Token crate rewards: Hero tokens in crate = Round(current challenge level * (((Random number from 1 to 100)/100) + .8)). So, you would get anywhere from .8 to 1.8 times the current challenge level you are on in hero tokens. If you get your token crate when on level 16, you could get anywhere from 13 to 29 tokens. If you are on 30, it would be 24 to 54. Nothing is irksome than hitting 920 stars and getting something like 8 tokens.
23) Fix maps such as the art not matching up with what we can see/shoot or not see/shoot. Unless you are three feet tall, cars shouldn't block line of sight. Walk out into a parking lot if you don't believe me.
24) Instead of only using current characters from TWD for heroes, why not some of the ones from the past? I would like Shane and Meryl more than Eugene or Gabriel. The Governor would be great too. If you do though, go back to #8 above.
25) If you don't want us to keep leveling up weapons/armor like survivors due to the economics (I get it, you still need revenue to pay salaries); at least allow us to upgrade the weapon three additional levels. So, you get a level 20 weapon, max it to 23 and then through a new mechanism, you go to 26 with no new traits, just damage and health modifiers increasing.
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