Hero tokens - necessary changes

axl144axl144 Member Posts: 61

I'm a big fan of TWD and I have at least 14 months of playing NML. The game experience was great at the beginning, but with time passing it became average and unfortunately I feel it's still decreasing.

The introduction of heroes was a dream came true, it was fun, but now it's more a like a source of frustrations. We have 18 heroes and 2 more on the way but finding tokens for each is a real pain... Lot of people proposed that the hero tokens should be universal - a great idea for most players but I don't think it will be applied.
I believe that a fair change in the game would be to have hero tokens based on their class, in the same way the survivor tokens work.

For me, another improvement for the game experience would be adding new story missions. Those were the main reason for upgrading survivors and weapons. Now I don't feel motivated to upgrade anymore - why should I?Just because the game doesn't provide anything else?

I trust that NG will bring us something good in the near future (as promised) and I hope my 2 ideas will be included.

Be safe! :)
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