Name one thing Rick has been right about

I've seen every episode and can only think of one time where rick made the right call. That was the time when he macheted the guy in the prison and that was reflex. Anytime he has to think it out he gets it wrong. It was even summed up when I think Rosita said, "I don't trust him (Dwight) but I trust Daryl"


  • T_12T_12 Member
    Yeah I agree with you. Rick doesn't choose well.
  • CarlyCarly Member
    1) He recognized terminus cannibals had his people's items and quickly pulled gun on one
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  • OK @Carly I'll give you that one. One episode out of 99
  • CarlyCarly Member
    2 out of 99) he played doctor with axe on the fly at prison to save that one guy who got bit. (Don't wanna say names n case ruins for anyone not watch) ;)
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  • Nah. That was Rick's fault because of his poor planning on clearing out the place. He would've never been bitten if the raid was planned better.
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