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Who should I focus on upgrading? Who should I ignore? My Training Grounds aren't ready to train anyone to level 18 yet.


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    San has really good traits. Focus on him for sure
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    Sam's awesome! Holly is too.... Ray is nice!! Paul is too (hope his fifth trait is strong!).... Also for Sandra the fifth trait gamble. Marty is too much of a gamble, but you can go for 3rd trait if you really want to check her out... Others are okayish
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    Ditch Lou and Ramon, tokens are better
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    Hey it doesn't really seams you are ready for the transition
    I have a crappy selection both survivers and equipment and plan on staying 17 till fully ready
    And it's all about your style of gameplay
    And ditching survivers can leave you in this predicament /not good >:) /
    But if you're kicking someone I would pick Juliana and not waste tokens on her and Marty

    PS give a tip at least raids or challenge or both

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    Sam, meet Chad..
    Chad, meet your long lost brother Sam :p

    What kind of survivors's classes do you like to play? That's the first you should train. But only train your epic & legendary to help you out fight higher RSL, rare and below that too much costly. If you get better survivors, it's time to get rid them one by one. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the tips. I'm going to hang at level 17 until I get all my buildings caught up. From what I read going to level 18 really hampers you when you're in the challenge missions.

    Sam IS really useful especially with the super long range pistol :-)

    I mostly ignore my bruisers unless a quest comes up or I'm raiding an outpost. They usually get bruised before they get charged so they're only good for one mission anyway. Morgan's leadership trait might help with that but he's not up to snuff yet. I'm not even bothering trying to unlock Eugene at this point; no need for another useless bruiser.

    My favorite is the Assault but for now only Rosita is really deadly. Just got another weapon to upgrade for Abraham and even w/o Lucky I've got Ray on his way to 17. Don't have much use for Rufus unless it's an Assault quest. I rarely use the charge ability because it seems to do less damage, better to kill them than stun them. I've never used them with Daryl to see how his trait cuts down on the threat.
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    Who should I focus on upgrading? Who should I ignore? My Training Grounds aren't ready to train anyone to level 18 yet.

    With the exception of Marty, you have the best looking crew around. You don't have to waste money buying a Carol's Wolf Outfit to hide their faces. Very nice. :lol:
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    Oooo...... I love the " hot or not" game :)
    Sam definitely hot
    I'm not really a melee girl so I will send you good wishes on calling a badass assault!
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