Outpost attack

Wardens1972Wardens1972 Member Posts: 44
How can the same person attack my out post 3 times in less than 2 hrs? 1 was 35 minutes apart.


  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 712
    @Wardens1972 This is happening because Outpost matchmaking is messed up at the moment. NG will look into this issue soon!
  • SCBMASCBMA Member Posts: 2,181
    The attacker is only taking your TG but not killing all of your defenders so you don't get a shield, therefore your outpost is available in search to be raided again. It's not unusual to be raided multiple times by the same person as there is a limited number of opponents that "fit" within your outpost parameters.
  • RapaxRapax Member Posts: 256
    Something wrong with outpost attack also here:

    I know it is a known issue. But for how long it will be? This screenshot can help the devs to solve this bug.
  • mntunfreakmntunfreak Member Posts: 3
    Lately, my outpost is being raided and defeated because the game is using "heroes that were in previous guard set-ups." I use my heroes where I see fit and sometimes that means pulling them from the outpost. When this has happened (twice in a week), I have checked to see who is actually there and it's always the previous heroes while I was in game. What to do....what to do....
  • MisfitMaliceMisfitMalice Member Posts: 2
    How can I be attacked 2 times by the same person in les than 35 seconds? I was attacked, too, multiples times by random players in less than 1 minute, 3 times in a row...
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