2getherWeThrive, 2getherWeKill and 2getherWeStand are looking for active players!

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Are you alone and scared? Nowhere to turn and walkers everywhere? Food scant, warmth a distant memory?
2getherWeThrive, 2getherWeKill and 2getherWeStand
is your harbor, your respite, your breather!

We are three very active guilds looking for players of all levels. We offer help and advice in an encouraging environment on the LINE chat app. We're very friendly and fun, coming from many different countries.

2getherWeThrive has been around for over a year and recently passed a million challenge stars. We are getting between 19,000 and 21,000 challenge stars a week. There is an 800 star minimum for level 60 players and above and 700 for all players level 59 or lower. Message Thrive leader L2wannabe or Kill leader Ranger85 with any questions.

2getherWeKill is a more relaxed guild earning between 14,000 and 16,000 challenge stars a week. There is a 500 challenge star minimum per week. Message Kill leader Ranger85 or Thrive leader L2wannabe with any questions.

2getherWeStand is our newest guild in the 2getherWe family with a weekly star count between 9,000 and 11,000. There is a 200 star minimum. Message Kill leader Ranger85 or the leader of Thrive, L2wannabe.

Movement between the guilds is possible and encouraged depending on your level, abilities and style of play. We also recognize that real life comes before the game and it will always be taken into consideration.



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