Sudden change of Scavenger Mission difficulty; starting lvl is14 with lvl 11 survivors

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I have upgraded my council to lvl 11 a few days ago, but only upgraded the weapons workshop and hospital so far. Prior and post upgrading these buildings, and including; a 1 lvl up finished upgrade of a lvl 12 weapon to lvl 13, I was playing scavenge missions in hard mode, with a starting lvl of 13, but now all of a sudden, it changed to lvl 14. Nothing was changed or upgraded prior to the sudden change. I have not upgraded my survivor training grounds or any of my survivors to lvl 12. I had a lvl 12 weapon upgrading to lvl 14 going on for more than 5 hours and it still has not finished yet, but even during its upgrading, I was still doing starting lvl 13 hard mode scavenge missions.


  • ZeroMercyZeroMercy Member Posts: 45
    Wait, there was one thing I did, before I logged off and back in, and that was upgrade a survivor to a pink star. Even then should that make any difference?
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    Pink stars increase the RSL
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  • ZeroMercyZeroMercy Member Posts: 45
    T_12 said:

    Pink stars increase the RSL

    Thanks, will this effect my rsl permanently? When I upgrade to council 12 and have lvl 13 survivors, will the starting lvl difficulty always be 1 lvl higher than what it should be?

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    As far as I know: yes.
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