outpost walkers

Why is it so expensive in crates to get walkers for outpost.. its amazing how one outpost can have 30 to 40 walkers, i only have 3, too expensive to get them or upgrade them. How can i defend the outpost?


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    @ladyfarleigh13 Stock up on your trade goods. Don't use too much!
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    NG should let us upgrade walkers until lvl 23 and also introduce the new goo walkers and spiked ones into O/P.
    Level 19 walkers are a joke
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    @T_12 I totally agree. I've thought about the same thing before. I'm still upgrading my walkers just because it's too late to stop lol
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    I'm pretty sure survivors were max level 18 when we were first able to have level 19 walkers in outposts. I know my survivors were around 16-17 at the time. So level 19 outpost walkers were a challenge. Of course, they also spawned in waves of increasing levels back in those days. Your level 18 survivors had to walk uphill both ways while fighting level 19, 20, 21 walkers.

    Why we haven't been able to upgrade walkers at the same pace as survivors is a bit of a mystery.
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    It was too late for many players before they figured out it would be better to not add any walkers to their outpost.
    I had maybe 8 or more of them in my outpost by the time I figured it out.

    Nothing for me to do at that point but to max them all out and hope that it slows down some of the raiders
    Some raiders are just too powerful and they can get through them
    Many of them bail out on the raid when they see what they are faced with

    So it works sometimes and not others
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