Are all prices (bundles, double xp, full gas, gold) increased???



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    So, I get that apple and Google have their own conversions, but why would Morgan's bundle be the same?
  • AndreaAndrea Member Posts: 1,011're right! Berlusconi is everywhere! Probably have a quote in NG! :p ...or probably because Juve will win the champions league... o:)
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    Hello wanted to ask times why at different people different prices in the trade there. Eg the packages / gold / xps / beniz I find that an insolence! Is this a bug? If so then I want my money back for the week.
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    The bild

  • PhantheraPhanthera Member Posts: 92
    Has no one a correct answer?
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    @Phanthera if you read the whole thread, you have your answer.
    Apple made changes to the currency exchange rate.
    That is the reason why the prices on apple devices are higher than on google devices.
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    Anywhere and permanently?
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    Instead of lowering the prices to get the same like before, it is writen in the stone and we have to live with it?

    The last pricing discussion was closed by the admin and the topic is gone?

    Is that a googd customer service especially for old players like me, who regulary took at least one or two Gas 24s per week?
    Not even just 10% raise, 15% in one raw?

    Are your business administrator, aka key-figure-button-counter-nerds, getting crazy?

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    If i would not have pound my account to my main google account, i would now sell it - because this is the first sign for a f2p to go down

    I will for sure not pay anything in this game anymore
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    Google raised prices too...or was it NG itself?

    Gas booster is now 2,29 € on Android...
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    Exactly - I'm on Android too
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