Assault and hunter cull/keep

Raven2318Raven2318 Member Posts: 196
My assaults and hunters need to be downsized. I don't care much about outpost defence, I have my TG on an open take. Any advice greatly appreciated on keepers or not! I use ranged much more than melee.


  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 770
    Assaults: I'd keep the two Blue/Epics William and Jack. Your Green Rare survivors have potential, but will take some considerable tokens to promote. I like all of your Gold/Legendary survivors. It's a shame that Sam and Tiffany don't have Dodge as opposed to Bullet Dodge since you don't care about Outpost Defense.

    Hunters: Felicia is awesome. She'd be one of my go to Hunters if she was on my team. Same goes for Shannon and Janet. They have mirror image traits and are both fantastic. Sure Shot and Marksman in Hunters are a must for me to invest tokens into them, and Robert and Stacy would take a big token investment to unlock that 5th trait and you might face disappointment so I'd retire them. Same goes for Scott. No Sure Shot on him so he'd be retired on my team.
  • ZeroMercyZeroMercy Member Posts: 45
    Agree w/ tabernac. Scrap the rares. Yes, they do have potential, but, with those, you are rolling the dice, and can hold you back from upgrading those that already have 4- 5 solid traits.
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