Walkers dont die. Need to be hit again

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I am observing this weird phenomena in the game. Previously, I brushed it aside but in this challenge I observed it a number of times.

This is what happens. The survivors target a walker or multiple walkers. The screen display the damage and incase the damage is more than the hit points of the walker, the experience points gained. However, the walker does not die. It has to be hit again to kill it. In this way 2X experience is gained. However, there is a catch. If the walker is close to a survivor, the walker will hit the survivor for some nice damage depending on its level.

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    I was about to make a post about this, as this is the 3rd or 4th time, that this has happened to me (today). It has been happening for a while, and not just during challenge missions, but missions of all types, including scavenge, story, and outpost. Walker is killed, guarantee you that I landed a kill shot, with xp hovering over it's head, however it is still alive and attacks.

    I can't tell you how annoying this is, especially when my guys end up in the hospital, when they shouldn't have to be, because a dead walker is still alive and got off a hit, and can also mean the difference between a 3 star or 1 star challenge mission completion.
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    The next generation of walkers.
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    zeowerus said:

    The next generation of walkers.

    I'd say it's the next generation of 'BugsnNerfs'!
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    I hate it when the walkers come back to life....
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