The game is not dead, but...

... it sure seems to be having trouble breathing! I lead a guild in Portugal called Benfica that was fighting for 3rd place in the ranks. Since i can remember, whenever a spot in our team would open, we would have requests flying in. Now 10 days have gone by and zero requests. This week we cleaned some inactive members and also 5 of our best players just quit the game because they are bored and do not like latest changes. Still no requests to join.

Mind you our requirements for accepting new members have not changed (player level 30 and 250 stars per week) and we are still around rank 6/7. Is this normal? Can it be faced as a sign that NML is sort of numb, at least in my country? No clue...

All i know is this guild is what keeps me going. If it sort of dies, i either look for a good guild outside my country or i pack my gear and move away....



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    ...but failed to entertain mids and veterans player anymore. I'm not max out yet, but i play less than it used to be. Overall for players will easily get bore, if they can't find something 'New', can't find 'Good Rewards' based on their level and can't find something to 'Exploit' to show how good they are. 'Exploit won't ruin this game balance, imo it quite the opposite because i believe, it would make players have something to 'Show Off'.

    Easier to create than to mantain. Let's see if i'm still playing till next year ;)
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    NG is acting like most politicians. Instead of pleasing the people, they driving the game faster and faster towards the wall without even thinking about to correct the path.

    They should know how to make it better. But they won´t.
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    I can't tell if they are running the game into the ground out of ego and pride in the sense that NG can't admit some of their changes are wrong or if they just don't know what to do with the game. If it is the former then that is something that can be fixed very fast once the powers that be realize it's ok to make a mistake and admit it that way they can address and fix it.
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    Or, NG is using the data collected to increase revenue. In the short term it will work, but when more and more people retire, they will be left with nothing.
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    > @rfg1982 said:
    > This game has a bright future ahead. Lots of potential. But NG is not handling it very well.

    This game does not have a bright future,it is going to be the same a year from now that it is today. It's a f2p moblie game that makes profits from the store not from releasing content. If they can make $20 for a weapon bundles that is just a simple image with attached traits tied to a class weapon already designed or spend 100s to 1000s of hours creating additional story missions for basically minimal return? This game is fun and addicting but it is what it is. Don't expect more than what it truly is, a microtransaction game.
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    @nadecir that was an amazing and productive post , could not have said any of it better . You hit the nail on the head with analytics over complicating -solutions that are much more simple. I would never tell NG how to run their business , but as a NML longtime player , I hope they can take some positive feedback from your post here.

    I guess in the end , the decision lies with them if they want a constantly recycled player base every season capitalizing on the long term value analytics , or a solid and long term player base that continues to spend $$ and be a generally happy community. I really feel like there's a great middle ground , but I'm not the one looking at the quarterly financial reports at the NG offices.
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    It's the same in Spain. We are getting problems by finding new players. Best players of mi guild left the game. What happen with you NG???
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    It's the same in Spain. We are getting problems by finding new players. Best players of mi guild left the game. What happen with you NG???

    What? Are you sure?? There are really good players and guilds in Spain. Much more than NG home, Finland...

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    Thanks for your posts. While i know Portugal is much smaller than our Spanish neighboors, we never had problems in filling in the 20. It is really sad to see this. At least i don't have to reject requesters that are so low level they could never achieve the minimum 250 stars.

    Also thanks so much to the people who PMed me and i even had offers to join well known guilds. That or just to drop a friendly word. I am as flattered as thankfull guys! Players like you make it so hard to drop this game for good, hehe

    @Jenng if that is the case, well, lucky game?
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    NG seems ABOVE listening to its customers. Its like if they dont come up with the idea themselves it must not be a good idea at all. Innovation leads the way and NG lacks in that department.
    Happy Hunting
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    @R2runfast Well I think they listen, but then the way they act on the information they get here is highly questionable. Listening is something, understanding is another and doing the right thing is an even more different animal, hehe
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    @Paparas @R2runfast They do listen, but NG is highly suspect of players who post on the forums, thinking that things are reactionary instead of reporting. Case in point, Michonne's Katana as well as the upcoming fix to upgraded level 21 equipment. There is a serious lack of testing within NG, which (unfortunately) forum players have to figure out.
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