Changes to High-Level Stats

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Hey all,

There will be further adjustments to the the stats of high-level entities in the game. Level 21 characters, level 24 weapons and armor, and level 20+ walkers will all be considered and may be adjusted as part of this change. We will be bringing the weapon and armor scaling up to where it should have been.

These changes are being prepared this week, and will require testing before they can be released. They will not be ready for the Challenge starting on the 10th of May, but will be released in time for the Challenge starting on the 24th of May, or sooner if possible.

It was never our intention to make player doubt the value of upgrading their survivors or equipment. There were, however, problems extending out the old formulae while maintaining the balance of classes and enemies where we wanted them to be. It is our intention to fix that. Players with full teams of level 21 survivors will hopefully see that they perform better than they have done against walkers of level 24-26 and up, and can therefore get further in the challenges than they could at level 20.

Our thanks for the community’s patience in this matter; it took the data from several weeks of challenges to confirm that the issues were what we suspected. We know everyone would prefer faster changes, but those increase the risk that we need to make further adjustments. Special shout outs to those who gathered data from many players and compiled the information to present. Although the data they presented does not reflect the “behind the scenes” math that we have implemented, it is very valuable to us that they were thorough, clear, and constructive in the way that they approached the issue and helped us find the best solution.

Thanks for playing,
The TWD: No Man's Land Team
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