Survivor Class Ranking

I'm fairly new to the game and I was wondering what everyone thought of each of the classes and which were generally the best classes.

So far this is what I was thinking, but wanted to see if there's any better advice so I can prioritize my upgrades properly

Ranked best to worst
1. Hunter
2. Warrior
3. Shooter
4. Assult
5. Scout
6. Bruiser

I'm a little torn between the ranking for Shooter and Assult though. Shooter seems to be better for small packs of tough zombies and assault destroys groups of weak zombies, but struggles with the tough ones.

I'm really finding a hard time making use of bruisers since they can't stun the only zombies I can't kill in one attack with any other class. Am I wrong here and just haven't found a use for Bruisers yet, or are they really that bad?


  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    Hunter and shooter are the top for me.. hunters are good on lower level or equal level zombies. But if it get higher level, shooter takes the number 1 spot for me..

  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
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    As Dan said, certain missions are much easier with specific groups. Here's my ranking.
    1. Hunter - I can't remember the last time I didn't take one on a mission(unless I didn't have one).
    2. Warrior - Great all around for cleaning up and the third AP from their charge ability.
    3. Assault - I have pulled 4 really nice assaults. One legendary and three epic, so I'm probably biased.
    4. Shooter - For a long time I only had one rare shooter - but she always had legendary equipment. When I'm short hunters, or need single target ranged damage, I'll take a shooter(think, BBQ challenge).
    5. Scout - I really want to like scout, but I find that I always want the pacman attack of Warrior instead.
    6. Bruiser - I threw all of mine out except my legendary because, literally, I haven't taken her on a single mission.

  • DCBMETDCBMET Member Posts: 392
    I have outgrown my bruiser unfortunately, and haven't pulled a second worth keeping. They are great for outpost assaults and overwatch during missions.
    I haven't unlocked the assault class yet.
  • abrahamaniacabrahamaniac Member Posts: 36
    I use two assault in tandem with a shooter for most missions and find it works well. The two assaulters clean up for each other and the shooter focusses on heavy walkers or leftovers.
  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,524
    The key to assaults and warriors is getting a weapon that widens the arc so you maximize the kill potential.
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  • PerdtinPerdtin Member Posts: 783
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    I go back and forth, but basically the Top 3 are ranged Weapons, probably in this order

    1.) Hunter
    2.) Shooter
    3.) Assault

    Though on some maps 3 assaults are great or 3 hunters are great. Having each of them on a run is a good balance of what each can do in terms of abilities when charged, how long they take to charge, stun, keeping distance.

    4.) Warrior, with double attack and retaliate
    5.) Bruiser. Love & Hate relationship with them. Have a high enough level one now with decent traits, so that with a little planning on a run (and courtesy of having all 3 Bruiser quests) fun to do.
    6.) Scouts. This one kills me because it is the best survivor I have (17 out of 19 legendary). With really decent weapons. The value is so minimal overall though, that I never take scouts at this point other than "needs three scouts" quests. They do not go on any other mission. All melee? All Warrior. If no all Warrior, take a Bruiser. Bruiser takes two to charge, and then has area stun. Scout takes two to charge, and then brain stab. I can see where that works on certain maps, but overall not appealing. Maybe will run some more with Swift Strike and Retaliate just to shake things up, but....

    I can see why Warriors may be ahead of Assault, the double attack is great. And on maps where you know armored types, can be a good call. But on my Assaults I have my best weapons, very wide cones with good damage and other traits. On at least 80% of my mission runs my Assault is fully charged on the first move. It is extremely rare when not fully charged by end of second move. The ability to keep distance from walkers, coupled with a wide area of damage and stun, works for more.
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 578
    Well they all have different qualities that can be used in different situations. Scouts bruisers and assault get a bad rap from many and have certain situations where they can excel.

    Scouts are good when fighting walkers of higher level than you,and for armored warriors and tanks (especially with the charge brain stab). They are especially helpful on maps which are much higher level than you and when you don't want to bring in more walkers in the reinforcement round. I like to use swift strike and interrupt weapons with them.

    Bruisers are really good for stunning armored walkers for other melee to clean up and to stun other higher level walkers 2 levels higher than you. Then stun charge is great because it can stun walkers of any level and can bail you out when fighting way above your head, with teammates then cleaning them up or being able to flee. It can also create a blockage of walkers in maps with tight spaces when the walker in front of the bruiser is stunned and the bruiser is in front of it to block movement through freeing up the other survivors to do other things moving forward. Be sure to arm them with weapons with concussion.

    Assault with strong weapons with a large arc can be devastating to walkers up to its own level and the stun ability can immobilize packs of walkers of all levels to be fled from or to be cleaned up with critical hits by teammates. Usually best to be used with another assault or warrior.

    Shooters are great against tanks and high level walkers, a long distance scout. The free critical attack is very handy, and the quiet shot is good since it leaves most walkers unaware. Be sure to have range and critical hit on their weapons.

    Hunters and warriors are usually the 1st 2 chosen by me for shooters and melee respectively. Can knock down a number of walkers of the same level in each attack, and higher levels with good weapons and good charge abilities. Hunters need increased caliber weapons and warriors need a large arc weapon.

    My standard team is 1 warrior, hunter and assault.
  • Sipher07Sipher07 Member Posts: 591
    They should buff the scout and up the damage by like 20pct on base because right now warrior makes them obsolete but scout is the most iconic survivor in the series along with hunter
  • SgtSalamiSgtSalami Member Posts: 578
    @Sipher07 some special missions the added punch over warriors will enable them to one shot kill walkers that warriors will need 2 shots with. However, they do need some umph added. Warriors will be preferable most of the time.
  • DCNatsDCNats Member Posts: 223
    I would love a guaranteed kill charge ability. There are some higher lvl tank walkers that take 4-5 hits. If I had a scout that I knew could always get the kill, I would use him or her on those types of missions. Without that, it is hard to find a strong case for them. Even with the brain stab extra damage, it never seems worth it.
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