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  • @JayZ , If these events were offered more frequently then there would be no need to hoard. The supply issue we have no choice but to hoard because we cannot use or scavenge for them when maxed out. We save our TG and Radios for the once in a great while (otherwise known as "Soon") opportunity to use them in a constructive way.

    @Teeceezy , If hoarding is a concern for NG, I believe having weekly events to use supplies, TG, Gold, etc would without question nerf our desire to hoard.
  • Also to those worried about the price: My personal view is that it's awesome to have potentially three (maybe even four if you don't sleep) shots at getting legendary gear for three different classes for a day. It would have been an event even without price drops.
  • Oh boy @TheLostOnes ... I sense a derailment in progress... But yes I agree with you ;)
  • Like @Teeceezy kinda mentioned, having 3 options at once is a pretty decent deal for those who need supplies for multiple classes. This does not personally help me but I see the gain here. The 11k price is just more incentive.

    That being said, I will be a happy camper when I can just get rid of my tomatos. I hate seeing them in challenge crates, season 7 crates, and seeing that flashing red at the top of my screen reminding me that I am losing out on gains. I definitely will do whatever I can to make my upgrades as slow as possible next update. DEFINITELY will not scavenge for them again... Its not worth the frustration I feel when I max out and have no options available...
  • Lol @DampSquib if only I could lol more than once, I'd do it every day for a month :D
  • I disagree @David_H79 but I gave you an Lol anyhow ;). Just kidding. I am just hopeful that it happens this week. I am sure before the next challenge is out of the picture but hopefully this will be the last time I have to see tomatos pop up in my challenge crates when I can't keep them :)
  • David_H79David_H79 Moderator
    I could imagine a hero token Tuesday too.
    Let's say three times 10 hero tokens in the shop for maybe 1000 or 1200 TGs?
  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member
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    This sounds almost as good as bruiser week or Rufus tokens.

    A 10% discount on gear that has had its price inflated from 7,500 to 12,500 TG is an insult and a tactic similar to a used car dealer. Most of the gear will be scraped anyway.

    Loosen the purse strings please NG.
  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member
    @falowyn In the real world most players don't have 150,000 TG lying around to spend in one day so that they can say they saved 30,000 TG on gear they ended up scraping.

    I have 250,000 TGs but I know that is well above average and I got that much by only spending them on radios and tokens and not chasing gear with mystery traits.
  • I really need new hunter gear so this is great news shame I am not at level 20 for my fighters but level 19 will do. I also need a few assault weapons good stuff guys
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    I'll have to check, but I've noticed no matter how long my free is there before I click it always says just starts the timer when I click. I'll wait for a whole next time to see.
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  • Okay so I'm confused. What the F is happening?
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