Raids broken

S_I_NS_I_N Member Posts: 19
Full loss at 10hrs 58 mins then 1 min later attacked again what happened to the shields


  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,576
    Thanks for the report. This is a rare, but known issue that we hope to have resolved soon. Moving to bug reports. @S_I_N
  • S_I_NS_I_N Member Posts: 19
    Let's try again
  • S_I_NS_I_N Member Posts: 19
    What's word on fixes I just attacked and won twice in a row against the same player. Also on my next raid I was standing next to a defender after he attacked me I went to move away first move of my three on MY TURN and the one who just attacked me moved to block me and attacked me again this was on my turn. Y'all need to seriously fix a lot of these issues in the game it's getting old losing to bugs I've noticed similar issues with challenges as well like all types of walkers taking extra steps or getting an overwatch style attack after they have attacked.
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