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Hey y'all! I've seen a lot of you posting videos to YouTube and they are awesome! I'm new to making videos and posted a few myself. there's another website that also takes videos from YouTube and you can search for them just like on YouTube. They have a disclaimer saying they are not hosting the videos and that they came from YouTube. I dont exactly know what that means. The videos are playable on their website and if someone watches it on the website, the YouTube video does not get credit for the view. He said he used the YouTube V3 app. there was another word in between but cant remember what it was. He said since he used the YouTube app to do it, it was allowed and that i would have to get YouTube to issue a DMCA (??? Not sure if those intials are right) Is anyone familiar to this and if so is that right? I've even seen the official next games videos on there. Any input would be greatly appeciated! Thanks!


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    @Zette what is the website called?

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
  • ZetteZette Member Posts: 416
    Hi @painclasher . It's a website called He finally responded and said that he could take someone's videos off if they requested. He's under the assumption that people get credit for views since he uses the Youtube api v3 app to show videos but they dont. And not getting the views counted was my issue. I tested this on a few videos just to see if count would go up but it didnt. Thanks for responding. It just kinda puzzled me that the website bascially has all videos from Youtube.
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