Missions for Seasons 1 to 6

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Between TV show seasons, NextGames should consider creating and releasing missions that match up with the episodes from Walking Dead Season 1 through 6:

Here's just a few examples of scenes that could be translated into No Man's Land:

Season 1 Missions:
1. Days Gone Bye - Help Rick escape the herd and reach safety in the tank.
2. Guts - The rain has started to fall and Rick and Glenn run through the street to open the gate and reach the Box Truck.
3. Tell it to the Frogs - Rick, Daryl, and Glenn search through the overrun store for clues on what happened to Merle.
4. Vatos - Rick, Daryl, and Glenn return to fight off a swarm of walkers attacking the camp.

... I could sketch out more, but I think you get the idea.

This can also give NextGames an excellent opportunity to introduce heroes to the game from earlier seasons, like Shane, Andrea, Hershel, and others.

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  • falowynfalowyn Member Posts: 75
    The part where they keep adding heroes from the show is going to happen anyway. At least this way it's done in a pretty cool way.
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    I really like the idea of getting new missions,from season 1 to 6..and even if we couldnt get those dead heroes,we could play with them in this missions.
    But not just as week mission..i guess that would be best if it was as story mission..many have finish the story mission,and dont have much to do now..
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    Great idea until the mention of the new show characters, even though I've accepted defeat in trying to fight more character's and ng fixing the token system and I feel at peace now knowing 90% of them I will not want at all so it won't effect my token gathering, but it still annoys me seeing ppl actually requesting more show characters
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    I understand your frustration. I just burned several hundred radios trying to unlock Michonne with no luck.

    Still - completing the early season missions would be an excellent opportunity to award tokens for those specific heroes. If those awards are limited to that venue, there's no dilution to other methods.
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    It looks like your designers were already ahead of this one.

    Well done NG!
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