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    I started as a Clemson student, and my loyalties lie with the Tigers, tho :smiley:
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    DoTak said:

    If @Pig is not a pig, there's something wrong here

    Year of the rabbit for me. I'm a bunny in pig's clothing. Or is it the other way around?

    I like this thread because it reminds of me of the time my friend and co-worker Tam told me, "I am a monkey, and Thanh is a monkey, but Thanh is a different kind of monkey."
    Bad Pig
    Bad to the bone!
    The Notorious P.I.G.
    "I'm stuck in forum prison, and time keeps draggin' on"
    "I’ve never said I’m a perfect pig, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not."
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    I'm the same age as @SCBMA

    Or possibly 12 years older or 12 years younger. But I'm gonna go with the same age.

    Therefore making me, not 7 years older, but rather, 5 years younger than @TheLostOnes and @SCBMA.
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    Are we on topic or did this go sideways by a couple of parsecs?
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    We've been "Off Topic" this whole time. What's a few parsecs matter?
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    I tried to post my pic, but it won't appear.. Well it means you'll never guess my age B)
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