Scout week

I just wanted to thank you and say congrats for making this week a mostly scout friendly challenge to go with scout week, whether by design or happy accident and to think about these things in the future when doing a class boost and to think about what makes the certain class useful and making the boosts match that.
Cheers @Teeceezy @Shteevie
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    Agreed. Well done on this NG. Love it when you guys get it right. @Teeceezy @Shteevie
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    I could have used the Scout Buff +50% during last weeks challenge
    And Hunter buff this week :)
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    What's the best maps for scouts this week I only find it's the 1st and last one
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    @ThanosOfTitan As you say, Hilltop and Shine a Light are good with scouts. Killing Zone is great if you've got 2 scouts with threat reduction. On Hershel's Farm, you can bring along a scout with interrupt at those higher levels (my ranged attackers are doing just fine so far at 26.2). Terminus can be done with all ranged, or toss in a scout with the kingdom spear or pitchfork and you can take out the tanks through the fence and ranged attackers in overwatch, plus you'll have more mobility, less spawns, and it's easier to run to a spawn block with a scout. Obviously you don't need to use scouts on any of these, but it can work out. Woodbury is all ranged for me.
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    Awesome info sbf
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    Thank NG! We know it's been a rough run.
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    Thanks for all the kind words! Glad that this one worked out for most of you.
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