How to get more hero tokens?

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I'm fairly new to the game. I've followed several 'newbie read this' threads, but haven't found any strategies to get more hero tokens (apart from the obvious 'use your credit card').

I buy the daily four tokens when's my goods trade shop refreshes.

Is there a strategy to get faster hero upgrades?

Thank you.


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    T_12 said:

    Just pray to god and hope you're lucky :)

    You have to pray to RNGesus. That's important here.

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    Radios is always the answer... And then RNGesus o:)
    - Do season 7 missions replay every week before the challenge - you'll get radios and tokens.
    - After that, you can try and succeed in a challenge to get more token crates. Do not fear high difficulty levels.
    - If you're not in a guild, find one, because you'll get more radios in a challenge if you are the part of a guild.
    - If you are in a guild but your guild performing is really bad, find another guild, which scores more = possible more radio rewards for you.
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    hey but @Jenng suggestion to not look at the screen it's not a joke!! Try... Just try...
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    Do the story chapters, and realize Heroes are not the best survivors in game.
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