Changes to End-Game Stats

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Changes to End-Game Stats

Level 21 survivors are more powerful than before, and should be able to take on higher level enemies than their level 20 counterparts. Details below:
  • Health for level 19-21 survivors and armor for level 24 armor has increased. The new values for level 24 armor match the rate of increase seen in previous upgrades.
  • Damage for level 21 survivors and level 24 weapons has increased to match previous upgrade rates.
  • The damage of walkers at level 22 and above has been increased. This change is very small for levels 22-25. This was necessary to put all of the enemy and survivor stats on a sustainable upgrade rate to prevent imbalances in the future.
  • Players should find it easier to defeat greater Challenge difficulties once they have upgraded their survivors to level 21.
  • We anticipate that players will be able to collect more Challenge stars with teams of level 21 survivors than they previously could with level 20 survivors.
  • As always, other elements like team composition, traits, and player skill also play a big part in high-difficulty Challenge play.
These changes will be live in approximately one hour from this post, 12PM UTC.

A note about Challenge Length and Comparative Difficulties:

One of the main goals of the new Challenge system launched earlier in the year was to ensure that players were given lots of content to play that was more engaging, challenging, and rewarding than it had been in the original Challenge system. This is why the Challenge starts at higher levels instead of at level 3 as it had in the past.

Even with our estimates and projections for the number of missions players would be able to complete at the highest levels, the top players and guilds showed that they simply cannot be stopped. They can and will tackle anything we put before them, and we are thrilled and inspired to see the star counts and gameplay experiences shared by the community.

Of course, getting to the highest difficulties takes time. Completing hundreds of missions takes a lot of dedication and focus, especially when defeat lurks behind every corner. We hear concerns from players that they are able to play even longer and further than ever, and these stat adjustments for survivors and equipment may make even more extreme play possible. Some suggestions have been made, asking whether the starting level of the challenge cannot be further increased, to allow for players to get further still in the time available to them.

We need to balance these concerns with those of other players who enjoy the “warm up” rounds and see them as a fun and relatively easy source of stars and rewards. Letting players select their starting level would essentially split the leaderboards and community, and we’re not certain that this would be a good move for the playerbase as a whole. For this and other reasons, we’re not making any adjustments to the starting level calculations or the number of rounds per difficulty at this time or with the next update.

We have great hopes for the summer, including more ways to get Hero tokens, new missions, and more. We have already begun working on even bigger features to come later in the year. You can expect to hear more about the next update in 2-3 weeks.

Teeceezy and the No Man's Land team
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