The taunting Outpost

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I feel like I'm in a good spot with my Outpost. But I hardly ever get raided, I would like for there to be some sort of feature that allows me to put my Outpost on the front line and basically say come get me if you can I got stuff for you but you can't have it hahaha. And by activating this particular feature it will turn off the shield, I know they're still quite a few of us who login multiple times a day so it won't be a big deal to not have a shield.


  • bigmacbigmac Member Posts: 131
    Also as it stands right now if someone does raid my Outpost and flee with only getting the flag you get zero reputation this should be a win. On more than one occasion I've killed two of their characters and they straight up ran away. And I get 0 reputation for that come on that's a robbery
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    You´ll have to work for your influence. NG decided that only getting TGs is valid way and if there is someone blocking TGs or not allowing others to dash for them with scout, going for draw is way how to keep ones guys ready for another try.
    If you want to raise your influence, go raiding and kill defenders. If somebody else dont want to fight you, dont force them to do so. There are broken parts in raiding, but fleeing is not among them.
    On the other side, if there will be button to offer ones outpost for fight and possibility to accept it from other players, it will be fine. But I believe some ppl will show you, who really is superior. GL with your suggestion.
  • bigmacbigmac Member Posts: 131
    Don't understand you're forcing someone to fight comment. That's the whole point of the taunting Outpost is come and fight me. I'm not asking people to come raid but they're going to I'm saying come raid me I'd like an option for that I'm ready. As it stands now I'll get rated 5 times in a three hour chunk. And then nothing for days. And yes I do have my trade good blocked you have to work for it. I don't believe it should be a draw if you just get the flag and run away that should be outpost defense held. You should get something for that. That just makes common sense otherwise what's the point of putting defenders in there.
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    That's why they should get punished in some way for just getting the flag and dashing because our our pit walkers are so weak right now even fully upgraded. We really need to be able to upgrade them more, and add granadiers, flaming walkers, Winslow the spike, and concussion waterlogged walked to our pits to spice it all up, would make running after getting the flag more damaging
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    Im afraid adding more walkers or even upgrading them by couple level wont make a difference. Unless they outlevel the player by 5+ levels theyre just considered a free charge/exp. What we need is either soft cap them making it possible to reach very high walker levels [pink walkers :)] or change the outpost mechanics once again.
  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732

    I think a distinction should be made between those at max level and players who are still progessing. When I was at survivor level 16, I would face outposts with level 19 walkers, and it was certainly a challenge, especially if they had maxed out the walker pit with fatties and armored.

    Even at max level, facing walkers at +3 your survivor level can be tough if you don't have Elite pinkies and/or upgraded legendary gear.
  • zerosouLzerosouL Member Posts: 190

    We already have outpost tiers but with current system matchmaking is broken as hell. This whole game is build around player progress so its naturall that brand new players should be saparated from the top tiers and like in every other game there will be maxed out players that chose to downgrade to the lower tiers just for fun. Firstly TG rewards should be based on your own and your opponents outpost/pit level. Then we need to remove walker lvl cap to make walker upgrades both reasonable and profitable. Problem solved
  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    I don't diagree with your last post, but I think you missed my point. My example was from back before the last update that screwed up matchmaking. Despite the tiers, if you are pushing high influence with a low survivor level, you end up facing opponents several levels higher than you. That's fine. But I don't want to see a situation where a level 16 player is facing outposts with level 23 or 24 walkers because they have "too much" influence.
  • zerosouLzerosouL Member Posts: 190

    Bu thats the only way to make a reasonable matchmaking based on tiers. Its like with the challanges when you hit a wall eventually and wont progress any further with your current level/equipment.
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    I have the same feeling.
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    This idea kinda copies off of the other game. But if people you raided had an option to revenge and raid you back it would make it more likely to be raided more often. Just an idea. I would really like more PvP in the game.
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