Challenge Token Crates

There is a well known disparity among the rewards from the token crates. @Shteevie doesn't want to implement a system where we will know what kind of rewards to expect, and he doesn't want to implement a system that would tier the rewards so that the rewards would increase (but still keep random) as you progress.

Here are my token crate rewards for this week:
30 stars: 39 Shooter
120 stars: 22 Eugene
210 stars: 19 Dwight
320 stars: 19 Rosita
440 stars: 28 Assault
560 stars: 37 Scout
740 stars: 34 Shooter
920 stars: 21 Dwight
1100 stars: 22 Hunter

Yes, the 30 challenge star token crate had more tokens than the 1100 token crate. *Sarcasm on* NG, thank you for inspiring me to reach higher challenge stars, I wouldn't push myself if it weren't for you! *Sarcasm off*

I am well aware that these pulls are much better than the pulls in recent weeks (and I'm sure that my pulls this week were much better than others), which I am grateful for, but there is still an underlying issue that NG is failing to address. To upgrade a single trait of a 7 star hunter, 22 tokens is 2.2% of the necessary tokens upgrade that single trait, or 4.4% of upgrading 6 star survivor.

This is just another thread started with the goal of NG addressing this and fixing it.


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    @xbamfx I know it. Unfortunately. I don't mind popping an issue into the top of the feed every once in a while.
    sbf said:

    Shteevie said:

    As always, we are hard at work with a new update you'll hear more specifics about in in a few weeks' time. In it, we've addressed some bugs [some of significant importance, as assisted by players providing info], added content, and paid attention to the ways players acquire Hero Tokens.

    We have also spent a fair amount of time planning the "roadmap" for the rest of the year. I'm not able to tell you what were planning, but I will say that the exact kind of "new excitement" that the OP is looking for is what we hope to create with these updates. It will take some time to get everything in place, of course, and we need to make sure we keep you all entertained and engaged as we construct it and release it, one update after another.

    One aspect of the conversation here is a particular puzzle to me, and I want to address it specifically. I mean no disrespect to anyone when I make these points, but I do want to show that there are more sides to any topic.

    When we look at the rewards for Outpost Cycles or Challenge crates, these are often discussed outside of the context of other rewards that came along with them. The Outpost Cycle reward might be 7k TG, for instance, but gaining 7500 influence brought several thousands of TG along with it. If I had to guess, the player collected 25-30k TG in that amount of play. And they'll get another 7k without needing to put much effort in at the end of every cycle in the future.

    With Challenge crates, the 21 Maggie tokens someone else mentioned are not the sum total of that player's rewards. To get 1100 stars, the player would also have collected around 25k TG, another 7k TG and 30 phones [or more] from their guild, 30 pieces of equipment that have a chance to be max level and legendary, 60 gold, 60 gas, and a million each XP and Supplies. And that total doesn't include any of the challenge or token crates.

    I understand that each successive crate requires more effort and retries than the one before, and this makes the opening of that crate a Really Big Moment. There is a psychological effect that says that the common events, even if significant, are easier to overlook. There's another that says that the size of the rewards must grow astronomically in order to elicit the same response from the recipient. Human psychology is a tough beast to wrangle.

    Again, I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers. No one's opinions or observations are wrong, and every player matters. Looking into conversations like these is definitely useful for us as we weigh the potential response to a selection of proposed additions to the game. I just felt that it would be useful to look at these situations from a wider viewpoint, and to help shine a light on all of the other ways that players are rewarded for their play than any single high-visibility reward. It does all add up.

    One of the things I want most for the game is to add a new kind of item altogether that players of all levels will want. I'd also like to add reasons for players to change up their teams more, and thereby add variety to the gameplay. 2 Assaults and a Hunter is not the only team possibility in the game. We're working on it, and I enjoy discussions like these that show that there will be awesome people to give these new experiences to as soon as they are ready.

    I appreciate you responding, it's rare to feel that our concerns are being heard, but it's even more rare for something to be done about it. While I appreciate you attempting to say that a point of view change on our part should make us happier to play the game, it's a bit condescending and tone-deaf to assume that we haven't looked at it that way. I'm not trying to "ruffle your feathers", I'm just calling a spade a spade. Of course we know how many rewards we get from the challenges.

    But when you're an end-level player, 13 Glenn tokens in the 920 crate does nothing for you. When many of the crew you take on a mission have one or more pink stars, or the heros are legendary (and I hope you'll consider the amount of time that goes into promoting our crews), the token crates do not contribute to us progressing in the game. Like many who have already replied to your response, it's easy enough to get tg's from outpost runs, but they become monotonous. We can get xp, tomatoes, phones, and gear from scavenge missions, which are also monotonous. The challenges are the only things that "change" weekly, so that plus the main motivation to continue the game at end-level is loyalty to a guild, should incentivize NG to give a little more than bread-crumbs.

    I hope you take the suggestion of increased rewards for your higher level players to heart and don't take our dedication to this game for granted. I see your response of asking us to look at it from a different point of view and raise you to understand our points of view and implement changes based on the wide-spread agreement of your customer base.

    As always, not trying to be toxic, just trying to talk about the issues.
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    *Sarcasm on* But all those tgs you got are the reward! *Sarcasm off*

    Let's also not forget the wonderful trips to the Hospital to check out the hot nurses. *Sarcasm off*
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