Seems that the more stars I get the tokens get weaker and fewer... Am I the only one...

I have been tracking this for a while and it sure seems that the higher Stars I get the weaker the rewards are (tokens) and it seems like the harder I try the less I get I'm pretty sure this is probably for all of us how about you...
Is this something that NG knows about and is this something that they will correct???



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    No you're definitely not the only one and yes ng know and all is working as intended (I'm assuming their thinking is end players are going to play either way where new players may not play without the rewards)
    Edit sorry its 'rng'
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    Now that we have been playing the challenges under the new reward format for several weeks, it is my personal experience that my best rewards of gear and tokens come from the very early star count rewards. I get either XP from chests and something similar to a few hero tokens for Dufus or Mr. Potato Head at the high levels. Hard to believe it is purely RNG results and not an example of NG trying to make nice with the hoard of beginners and mid level players.
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    It's easy to get legendary Survivors at the beginning

    As u play long enough the ratings just reduce to fewer and fewer
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    pradi said:

    Don't worry.... I'm sure NG is working on it and after next update we will have good rewards.

    Why would they be working on it when it is 'working as intended'? *rolls eyes*
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    This said by David, what are we complaining?
    Following that we'll receive a lot of hero token once we reach 800 stars+ B)

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    I only wanted to point out is all based on luck.
    And that the amount of tokens doesn't increase is already confirmed by @Shteevie and it's the way it should work.

    I don't say that I like it, when my token reward for reaching 30 stars is better than for reaching 1100 stars.
    But I don't say that I doesn't feel rewarded too.
    Remember challenge 1.0. No tokens at all.

    And yes last week was quite frustrating for me too.
    3 times bruiser tokens in a row. :(
    Only one time hero tokens. :(
    But it's better than nothing I think.

    I would like to have token crates only contain hero tokens, because they are harder to get and therefore feel more rewarding.
    And I wouldn't complain, when the amount of tokens increases the higher you go.
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    Where s the "understand" button, if needed???? ;)
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