need to rant



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    @fire_water In reference to you question on upgrading you walker pit to upgrade your walkers, sort of yes. Definitely upgrade the walker pit. It will give you building points for player/camp level progression (upper left corner of home screen). As far as upgrading your walkers once the pit is upgraded, that is a personal choice. Upgrading them does not benefit you and costs TG/gold. Many, including me, have not upgraded them much if at all. I am player level 60, maxed on buildings, running lvl 21 survivors, with influence of just over 5K. I have 6 normal walkers and 2 armored in my pit. They are all level 3-4.
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    DoTak said:

    Maybe fire_woman forgot to mention that her level 16 survivors are 10 stars

    i had to google this song & i think this song came out when i was ... like ... 5 ? :D

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    now i need your help tying me up please, i cant stop fighting at outpost (but pls dont remove my hot pants :D ) !!

    Um, @fire_water are you in law enforcement? Because this smells like entrapment to me. I won't take the bait

    oh but I so-o-o want to
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    WahooDawg said:

    Is there a thanks for making me feel old tag?



    i'm impressed you caught me >:)

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    Awesome job with lvl 16's
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    Lol, @fire_water I'm predicting another rant coming soon ;)

    Thanks for the screenshot. I would've never thought you could find many opponents close to your level and yet, there they are

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    thanks @Captainslayer ;)

    lol @DoTak .. no more rant for a while heehee ..
    btw, sometimes i was unlucky, got tricked by those opponents who lured me in with their green, brown survivors but had heaps of zombies (few fatties & armours included!) which are at least level 17++ .. lol ... and few times i met level 19 survivors .. i barely survived.. stole their TG and ran off so quick like a greyhound hahaha :D

    oops, i just reached my influence goal B)

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    @fire_water I love a good rant, so thank u! Rant more.

    And yes ur right. Outpost isn't working correctly.
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    @Shut_Up just gotta say eveytime I see u in a thread, I'm dying to say "no, you shut up". Had to get that off my chest.
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    edited June 2017

    Yay, gonna reach my goal very soon .. 6k influence

    That's incredible for your level. I hope it doesn't disappoint you too much when it resets to 5200. For myself, I'm just going to stay at Platinum Tier 3.
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    Natural born killer B)
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    It's all about stragaty don 't blame ng
    ABS. It's just a game. Get over it.
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    Now I know from the beginning of this thread I was flirting with disaster.

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    Pop! Six! Squish! Uh uh, Cicero, Lipschitz!

    He had it coming, he had it coming
    He only had himself to blame
    If you'd have been there, if you'd have seen it
    I betcha you would have done the same

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