Fear TWD S3 premier!!!

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Watching the season 3 premier of Fear TWD, and woo wee it's a doozie!
And it's barley the 1st hour, its already a roller-coaster. The fans will not be disappointed, except the haters of course but who cares.
I don't want to say any spoilers for any fans, but let's just say Travis is the Walker Pit Champion, not The Governor, not Rick

Aaaaaaand now I'm sad... what the hell, just like that... well that's good ol' TWD for ya


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    What does this have to do with the game?

    Edit: glad this was moved to the appropriate category.

    (And the show sucks.) -Hater
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    @bsgper4 isn't it obvious?! This one random post and this one episode from the show, has everything to do with this game from this other show....
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    Did the walkers win yet?
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    The Clarks have too much luck...
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    It was better than I expected after the disappointment of the first two seasons. I actually found myself engaged in the story and rooting for the main characters.

    The end of the first episode surprised me. Seems like a bold move to make when I was just starting to care again. I didn't like that part at all. Swore I was gonna change the channel. But I stuck around, and the second episode of the 2-hour premier combo was actually still watchable, despite the big plot point I'm trying desperately not to spoil.

    I'm still skeptical the show will maintain my interest for a whole season, but I will probably watch just to see what they do with the new character played by actor Dayton Callie, aka Charlie Utter of Deadwood. His appearance was definitely the highlight for me.
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