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Here's a nearly impossible to happen suggestion.
Can NG work on map for us to switch back and forward too. I know many of the players want more Farm plots, Tents, and Supplies but their isn't enough space in our original camp.
So how about the idea of working on a button that will take us to our Outpost. From there we could have a campfire that will let us do the missions, pretty much like the original, and some room to add more Farm plots, Tents, and maybe 2 Supplies. Maybe even have Negan in the new Outpost location for special missions, since anyone can unlock him easily and he has many Outposts.
I know this idea sounds like a lot of work, especially if everyone has a different Outpost location, so to make things easier, just make every Outpost the same design just with different backgrounds.
Well NG that's my far-fetched idea, it may take a lot of work, but it's an idea for the future.


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    Just putting this out there is plenty of room in my camp to put heaps more buildings and I have all the buildings available and I don't really see the need for another camp
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